Stakeholder engagement, 11 Feb. 2020

Inequality Trends Report: A multidimensional diagnostic of inequality in South Africa

Following the first-ever comprehensive report on the multi-dimensional nature of inequality in South Africa, ACEIR partners hosted a stakeholder engagement in February 2020 to learn more about the findings and engage constructively with a wide range of stakeholders on ideas and strategies to tackle the country’s monumental inequality challenges.

The event provided:

  • An overview of the findings of the report along with an in-depth focus on select sections that best illustrate the key inequality challenges facing South Africa.
  • A structured engagement between government, academia, civil society, labour unions, international organisations and the wider research community. Representatives had the opportunity to present their ideas and proposed actions and strategies for confronting inequality.
  • A stock-take of individual and collective ways forward, including discussion on further research gaps that needed to be filled to better enable the country to understand and reduce inequality.

The Inequality Trends in South Africa report was produced to serve as a baseline diagnostic to assist the country to track its performance in ensuring that all people in South Africa share the same opportunities and have equal access in realising those opportunities. The report used a wide range of data sources to present a broad overview of various dimensions of inequality including on household income and expenditure, assets, earnings, employment, education, health, access to basic services, and social mobility.

Facilitated by ACEIR, it is the product of a partnership between Statistics South Africa, the Agence Française de Développement and the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit at the University of Cape Town, and partially funded through the European Union’s Research Facility on Inequalities.

The event took place at the Solutions Space, Philippi, Cape Town. View draft programme.

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